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USERS' comments on the Zumax Dental Surgical Microscope
Comments by the Dentist
Our dental office is equipped with 5 dental units including one unit in the special treatment room. When starting my clinic 2 units of the Moeller-Wedel microscopes were installed. But 2 units were not quite enough in view of our treatment concept of offering highly accurate dental treatment to all of our patients. Our dentists can afford to use the microscopes. But our dental hygienists do not have chances to use the microscopes. This made me to decide to install the microscopes at all the 5 dental units in our clinic so that even our dental hygienists can use the microscopes when making counseling with our first patents and also when performing PMTC treatment. The Zumax microscopes give us a very bright view of the treatment area. We highly evaluate the Zumax microscope with fully-equipped accessories such as the built-in CCD camera while the price is very reasonable. We are very satisfied with the Zumax microscopes. We now make it our rule to use the microscopes at the initial treatment of our patients. This helps not only raising the motivation of our staff but also raising the motivation of our patients. (Dr. Kawas, Japan)


3 units of Zumax Extension Arm with CCD Camera are being used.
"I highly appreciate the Zumax because of its high quality with reasonable price. I appreciate the bright lens and the reproducibility of the built-in CCD camera. I first considered buying Lica microscope. But the product design, the function and the price finally made me to decide to buy the Zumax." (Dr. Haku, Japan)

"After comparing with Zeiss, Global and Lica microscopes I have decided to use the Zumax as I appreciate the quality, especially of the bright lens. When I started to use the Zumax microscope I was uneasy to handle it effectively I can now handle it well. But I am now effectively using it for all of my treatments. I cannot go without the Zumax microscope in my day to day clinical works." (Dr.Lee, Japan)

"I was very amazed about the quality of your scope it`s really excellent and I know because I`ve in my office also a Mller&Wedel Denta 300 and a Seiler Revelation.But yours is equal, in my opinion even a little better." (Dr.Gunther Stockl, Germany)
"Before using the Zumax I was using a big-sized microscope which was disposed from an ETN doctor. When starting my own dental clinic I searched a compact microscope and have decided to buy the Zumax. The Zumax is not only reasonable in price but also very easy to handle. I am now using the Zumax microscope for all my daily treatments, both for health-insurance and non health-insurance patients. "Microscope Dental Clinic" I put on the signboard helps to increase the number of the local patients." (Dr.Nitta, Japan)

"Before buying the Zumax microscope I tried Yoshida's Denta 300 microscope. It was not bright enough especially when observing the root canal. As it was something like looking into the cave it was useless at all. The Zumax is bright enough comparable to the Zeiss. Additionally I appreciate the fact that Zumax is available also in the LED version, which Zeiss dose not." (Dr. Kobayashi, Japan)

"I desperately wanted to buy a microscope. The points I like with the Zumax are the brightness of the lens and the fact that is within affordable price range. Since my dental clinical is limited in space the Zumax extension arm version is effective to be used between 2 dental units." (Dr.Kaiya, Japan)

Zumax Ceiling Mount and Wall Mount (Dr. EMF Muradin, Holland)


"I would like to thank You for very good cooperation in topic of microscopes. Your microscopes are really good and compare with other companies we really happy that we start together cooperation 3 years ago. Good quality is the most important argue in negotiations with our client and Your products help us very much. We are also satisfied that every few months You upgrade microscopes with additional new components which makes the equipment more and more useful for our doctors."(Piotr Nagadowski,Poland)

Zumax Ceiling Mount (France)

"We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness,flexibility and courteous services.Also,we are more than glad to let you know how much wo appreciate the way you have cared for our orders.We have prmoted your company products to other beacause of our staisfaction with their outstanding quality.Thank you for your support and we look forward for many more years of cooperation."(Dr.Acatrinei Bogdan,Romania)


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